TEACH IT Labs Institute – Essentials Tech Tools for the Classroom

This course gives you the digital tools you need to improve your professional practice of using technologies; pedagogical techniques that use technologies in constructive ways to teach content and ensure your students actively participate and engage in all aspects of learning. Whether you are teaching in a virtual or hybrid setting, you will learn how to design or find tools that help you (a) to understand which specific technologies are best suited for addressing subject-matter learning in their domains (b) how the content dictates or perhaps even changes the technology—or vice versa. Additionally, you will establish routines and communication practices using the appropriate technological resources that will help you create a supportive, collaborative culture for your students and their families, as well as for yourself and your colleagues.

Using the tools from this course, you will be able to prepare powerful, purposeful learning experiences for students in the traditional classroom, digital classroom, or both!




Due to recent events, it has become evident that the explicit integration of technology in PK – 12 classrooms are a necessity. With the rapid evolution of technology, many educators feel unprepared for this paradigm shift in education. How do you demonstrate an understanding of the manner in which technology and content influence and constrain one another? How can you find tools that (a) you can actually figure out the manner in which the subject matter can be changed by the application of particular technologies and (b) how teaching and learning can change when particular technologies are used in particular ways to make your students’ learning better?


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