Organizational Diagnosis for Strategic Change: Increasing Organizational Effectiveness

Our course will deeply explore how the dynamics of diagnosis and planning for change impact desired goals and outcomes. Our goal is to provide school leaders with a new set of foundational questions to inform a repeatable process of determining change and frame an approach to promote your organization’s evolution leading to increased student achievement.  

Course participants are expected to systematically examine a team, department, and school to which they have access. This course aims to give you applied experience with diagnosing why a team, department, and organization has functioned and strategically reviewing the data to develop a plan to increase organizational effectiveness. Modules include:

  • Instruction & Assessment
  • Climate & Safety
  • Budgeting and Procurement
  • Hiring & Retention

Textbook & Case Studies are included.

PA PDE ACT 45 – 44 PIL Hours

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School leaders are constantly presented with organizational challenges and opportunities for innovation. Each system has its characteristic strengths and dynamics. Organizational Diagnosis for Strategic Change is a process by which school leaders can learn to systematically dissect a system and develop a plan to increase student achievement. This course provides school leaders with a sound framework for understanding and enhancing the organizations they lead. The process focuses on identifying and defining an organizational issue, collecting and analyzing data on the system to create a narrative for “what is” and a roadmap for “what ought to be,” and determining the measure and method of feedback to both promote increased understanding of the situation and energize the school to take action. 

Link to syllabus


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